Afro House Music

What is afro house music?

African music mixed with a house beat. Afro house music is a sub-genre of house music, with its roots predominantly in South Africa. A fusion of kwaito, tribal, deep and soulful house music, in South Africa, it is classed as deep house or soulful house, although it has its own unique sound and is reflected in the musical style – particularly in the “stripped back” original percussion sounds and rhythms of South African culture.
**source – Wikipedia**

Nutty Nys - Ascend

Gaining much popularity globally, afro house music is a force to be reckoned with. My feature selection above goes to “Nutty Nys” which I feature in Indeepenment Project 10. I just love track it’s pure masterclass, genius to be precise. I’ll let you be the judge of it. Make sure to follow my podcasts on podomatic

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